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Man Praying               
Page Update 05.14.2019

Unique but similar!

By Ashraf

I've traveled to so many places.
I've seen continents, nations
tribes, and various
colors, races, and faces.
Each time I tried to gather
a pearl of wisdom or two.
My shade changed to different colors & hues.

It seemed a blessing at first
But also a curse too.
My feeling of belonging grew and grew
But I also felt as though I no longer belonged.
They became my family and my country 
my beloved
my cultures too.

I felt at home with all religions
as long as love was their allegiance.
Hate was a forbidden path for me.
The path of justice was the main road
to end all existing feuds.
I always found a bridge to my sweet home
loved all the cultures I had ever known
and places I had ever roamed.

But it was a lonely journey all along
as I felt isolated from the crowd.
I wanted everyone to love one another
as they seemed so alike.
Once the layers were peeled like an onion
the cores were all unique but similar.

Deeply human
filed with sorrow and love
striking resemblance
despite our clothing and appearance.
I wanted to scream
please STOP!
Focus on similarities and realize
we are all truly one.

Scattered particles of a shooting star
The result of the Big Bang theory afar
We are all truly one
Creating a tapestry
a melting pot
a masterpiece
A mosaic or carpet of Persian art.

We are all but one
I wish we could accept it
believe it
understand it
and move on forward. 


By Ashraf

Happiness is a cup of tea
with a soulmate or beloved
even if in imagination
a floating

Happiness is
when your loved ones
are happy and healthy
roaming about
Even if not with you

Happiness is YOU
your words in to my listening ears
stirring sentiment
melting away fears.

Happiness is you & me
the us.
Our energy twirling like a dervish
in a Persian bazaar
or a mosque.
for ever and ever
Since beyond.

Even if simply in our minds
while focusing on HERE
In this place and for NOW
a speck
floating in space
in the future
thousands of years from now.

Happiness is living for each other
for better or for worse
Knowing that is all that really matters

And happiness is you.
A universe in my imagination
a universe consisting of YOU!
Existing in this century
with borrowed clothing
a universe
uniquely designed
in the current shape of YOU!

Well-Being Worldwide

Away from hate United for LOVE

By: Ashraf 

I want to write a poem
but my words don’t form a rhyme.
I want to write a poem
but the ghost of my inspiration
Disappeared and gone
I want to reach out to you.

You and
you and
But, you snub.
Push me away. 

... you are a Muslim.
I am gay.
You hate me
so please go away!

... you are a Christian.
I am an atheist.
You and I are truly apart.
You are white.
I am black.
Can you notice the difference?
Don’t be stupidly blind –
notice my color
my beauty & uniqueness
my skin’s gorgeous hue.
Please go get lost
you've already done enough
from the beginning of time
with your evil & continued menace. 

Everyone seems mad
widening this huge existing gap
creating more distance
tearing each other apart.
Voices get muffled,
paths foggy,
destinations unknown.
I plead...
please, please come over.
Let us UNITE
leading us to a clearer path,
a surer destination.
The path of love.

 But, my words are garbled.
My poems have no rhymes.
My path seems cliché
It doesn’t register
or calm.

So we all keep moving,
carving our own path of lines
drawn in the sand
made of many tribes
each against the other.
Unity is a dream,
the halo over our heads.

 So I keep repeating,
please let us unite.
Unity is our way
Savior is you and you and you
The men in the mirror
The only path is love.

 But, my words are garbled.
My poems have no rhymes.
So I keep carving my own path of love


and alone.

The Sound of Silence 

By Ashraf

love the sound of silence
palpating the air
like a gentle breeze 
passing through my hair.

 love the sound of silence 
like a calming wave
making love to the shore –
rhythmically melodic
and soothing one's soul,
vibrating the cells within its core.

I love the sound of silence 
filling up the air 
like the smell of jasmine
or roses. 
Nowhere to be seen 
Yet, an aroma so intense
spilling over
intoxicating the air.

I love the sound of silence
filling up the air,
reminding me of you
without a sound.
delightfully in my ear!

I love the sound of silence 
retelling me of you.
Never here
never around
yet never absent
Never far, 

Ilove your soundless sound
screaming at my soul
through the window of my mind
singing love songs
shattering my core
touching my 
being & 
without ever being here!
Never present,
yet, never away.
Like a sound of silent 
surrounding me 
like oxygen in the air!

Posted 10.29.2018

the phoenix bird

Rising like a Simorgh (Persian Phoenix)

By Ashraf

When the road reaches a dead end
When the walls finally cave in
When the darkness penetrates
Sealing the cracks 
Covering every ray of light
The darkness of dark
Ruled & reigned in –
I rise like a Simorgh.

When one lost its voice
After thunderous screams
When hurricanes of injustice
Wiped everything 
When a fiery blaze of corruption
Burned up justice into smoldering ashes –
I rise like a Simorgh.

When all traces of happiness and joy
Collide into a dead end
and vanish like a drop in the desert 
When the hope is all but gone
Prayers unanswered 
The end is near & everything is wiped out –
I raise like a Simorgh 

Too high, high above
Where there is nothing but light
Joy and soulful delight
No places of corruption or greed
No deception or deceit 
Leading to an oasis of calm
Conquering peace within
I rise and I rise
Traveling layers and layers
Diving in
Inside the universe within

Tearing the pages of darkness 
Opening a window to light
Rising from the ashes 
Left deceptively behind
Searching & finding the heat and energy beneath 
Creating a fiery blaze
Breaking nuances 
Strengthening the voices
Traveling the never-ending roads
Divulging in
To find all answers within.

Rising like a Simorgh, 
A traveling universe inside 
Untapped treasure
Enabling the “Me”
So the “I” within
Can raise like a Simorgh 
Only through traveling within
Diving in
So the “I” can rise like Simorgh –
From the ashes AGAIN!

Man Driving

Who is me?
By :Ashraf

Looking at the mirror
hanging on the wall
I see a face glaring in the hall.
Wondering out loud,
who is there inside?
Looking at a physical being,
wondering out loud:
Set her FREE.
Let her RUN.
Let her be HAPPY.
Have some FUN.
Where is she from?
Who is she?
A universe inside a frame?
A speck of a dust,
a result of the Big Bang Theory?
or other stories
not retained in memory?
A moving energy encapsulated inside?
Circling & twirling around
within its borders defined?
An energy containing a soul,
changing every instant,
affecting surrounding nature
and animals all around?
Engulfing, interacting 
with her soul inside & beyond?
Who is inside this frame?
An energy roaming,
raging within,
flying freely around?
Traveling miles in front?
Or further back far behind?
Seeing what future holds?
The past lives untold?
I look at the mirror
and see the universe within.
I thank God for this frame of 
encapsulating me,
wrapping me tightly in.
I smile at me.
The one inside.
I appreciate my borrowed dress,
promise to take good care at last.
Taking a few deep breaths,
calming energy within.
In harmony with the kin,
whispering simply again:
Be mindful.
Be grateful.
Live for each moment,
as of Here & for Now.
That is all you can do.
For HERE & for NOW!

Pledge to Love

Pledge to love
I pledge to lovonever betray my beloved.
Love is cure.
Love heals 
Love is pure
Love molds,
And beholds.

 Love connects.
Takes away the pain of disconnects.
Heals loneliness &the depressed.
Love has,
Mends broken hearts,
Stitches back our worldly attire.

 Love is the only way.
As Christians says,
“Love one another” (John 13:34)
As Quran says,
“Humanity is one”( Quran 49:10)
Love is a divine sign.
"You may know one another” (
As Buddhism announces
“My religion is kind” (Dalai Lama)

 As the wise have always known,
Love is the only way.
Loving each other
Is the ONLY way.



By Ashraf

When I die,
bury me beneath the ground
the way Muslim & Christians do.
Let my death be a fiesta,
my body
a celebration.
The beginning
of a new cycle of life
for creatures
beneath the ground.

Let them enjoy the death
of my physical being,
eating tiny flesh,
my trillion cells,
savoring it with enormous bliss.

Let the crawly creepy creatures
the lizard
the snake
or the slimy worm
(the one I was so fearful of

once upon a time)
this physical being of mine.

To sustain their lives
or simply a soft place to hide.
Trillions of bacteria,
good or bad,
munch & share.

Let the bodily fluids quench their thirst.
the clover
the dandelion
the other healing herbs.
the grass
the grazing cow
eating the grass.
the tiny molecules of mine
recycled from one
to another kind.

Let our cells collide,
becoming one.
Living within each one
oblivious to our appearances
or the color of our skin
or religion
or next of kin.

Let them
Reject & expel disunity
and “hate".
and dividing of our origin
or faith.

What ever the reason,
let my body be a testimony to
our cycle of life.
Attesting to the very fact
we are all one.

A mixture of a soup
of all creatures on earth.
Mixed with human cells.
amazing interconnectedness.

So let my physical death,
My physical burial,
be a celebration of life.
A revolting act of unity
A return
symbolizing us.
Living within each other!


Poetry 2

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