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Soothing Love & Peace-spreading Poetry & Illuminating & Inspiring Quotes

Man Praying


Page 31 of the book “Path to love”

By: Ashraf 

I Wish I Had A Wand

I wish I had a wand

By: Ashraf

I wish I had a wand
to spread contagious virus of love
Compassion so magnificent
Everyone is kin
Invisible to their color of skin
Religion is personal
Countries unique
Language simply to communicate
Accents &errors ok-
No need to be perfected.
I wish I had a wand
Turned police shooters
of unarmed black man
to ponder
What if he was my son,
committing a big or small, insignificant crime?
ordering the bombs-
in foreign lands
Wonder what if this was my home
my country
my family?
Hiding in the dark,
Please.. please my God
help me to stay alive.
 What if we placed ourselves
In the places of women we rape
crimes we commit
Lives we destroy or permit?
I wish I had a wand
Spreading sprinkles of love
to the heart of every mankind alive
turning the world upside down
in a positive way
succeed & strive.

LOVE splashing over
washing away the HATE,
Ending the outdated cavemen fear
Permanently eroding it out of our sphere
Cherish our differences
break our inner walls
destroy our egos.

Once for all
Away from MY way-
& having it all
Change color of our perceptions
our lenses
Leading us to our perpetual deceptions
Push us all to fight.
Run away and flight.
Solve our issues instead
With awesome compassion
Using our common scenes
our inner wisdom and perfection

Turning the world
to a calming oasis of love
Serenity rampant, persuasive
Allowing us to find
Beauty in each and every kind
Wisdom in every culture
In persuade of happiness
With equal rights at its foundation and bases.

I wish I had a wand
Spreading love
Within each person
so we can bring peace to others.
Calming the storms
Healing the diseases of hate,
Letting love be our ULTIMATE faith.
Justice be our guiding light
Taking every effort and every plight.
Healing our own nation
our own soul
Thriving everywhere
Starting deep within our core.
If only I had a  wand!



The Destroyed 'I'

Destroyed “I”

By: Ashraf

The energy is expanding inside,
again& again.
Twirling like a tornado,
removing it all.

The debris
floating in the air,
falling on the ground,
leaving destruction behind.

All that is left
is my drained physical being.
Why you feel free to get in
destroying my house of being
the “I”
the tranquility within
& leave.
No permission asked.

Yet feeling the longing,
I ask for more.
Even while you revamp my
body &soul,
my entire being,
the awareness of your force of
lets me know
that in love
there is no ego.
No you or me,
But we.

So stay.
Be mine(yours?)
Let us built
tranquility within
with you &I
as one,
as “we”
dancing to the foolishness of our infinite imagination.
For ever.
Submit to the power of we!

Man Driving

Who is me?
By :Ashraf

Looking at the mirror
hanging on the wall
I see a face glaring in the hall.
Wondering out loud,
who is there inside?
Looking at a physical being,
wondering out loud:
Set her FREE.
Let her RUN.
Let her be HAPPY.
Have some FUN.
Where is she from?
Who is she?
A universe inside a frame?
A speck of a dust,
a result of the Big Bang Theory?
or other stories
not retained in memory?
A moving energy encapsulated inside?
Circling & twirling around
within its borders defined?
An energy containing a soul,
changing every instant,
affecting surrounding nature
and animals all around?
Engulfing, interacting 
with her soul inside & beyond?
Who is inside this frame?
An energy roaming,
raging within,
flying freely around?
Traveling miles in front?
Or further back far behind?
Seeing what future holds?
The past lives untold?
I look at the mirror
and see the universe within.
I thank God for this frame of 
encapsulating me,
wrapping me tightly in.
I smile at me.
The one inside.
I appreciate my borrowed dress,
promise to take good care at last.
Taking a few deep breaths,
calming energy within.
In harmony with the kin,
whispering simply again:
Be mindful.
Be grateful.
Live for each moment,
as of Here & for Now.
That is all you can do.
For HERE & for NOW!

Pledge to Love

Pledge to love
I pledge to lovonever betray my beloved.
Love is cure.
Love heals 
Love is pure
Love molds,
And beholds.

 Love connects.
Takes away the pain of disconnects.
Heals loneliness &the depressed.
Love has,
Mends broken hearts,
Stitches back our worldly attire.

 Love is the only way.
As Christians says,
“Love one another” (John 13:34)
As Quran says,
“Humanity is one”( Quran 49:10)
Love is a divine sign.
"You may know one another” (
As Buddhism announces
“My religion is kind” (Dalai Lama)

 As the wise have always known,
Love is the only way.
Loving each other
Is the ONLY way.



By Ashraf

When I die,
bury me beneath the ground
the way Muslim & Christians do.
Let my death be a fiesta,
my body
a celebration.
The beginning
of a new cycle of life
for creatures
beneath the ground.

Let them enjoy the death
of my physical being,
eating tiny flesh,
my trillion cells,
savoring it with enormous bliss.

Let the crawly creepy creatures
the lizard
the snake
or the slimy worm
(the one I was so fearful of

once upon a time)
this physical being of mine.

To sustain their lives
or simply a soft place to hide.
Trillions of bacteria,
good or bad,
munch & share.

Let the bodily fluids quench their thirst.
the clover
the dandelion
the other healing herbs.
the grass
the grazing cow
eating the grass.
the tiny molecules of mine
recycled from one
to another kind.

Let our cells collide,
becoming one.
Living within each one
oblivious to our appearances
or the color of our skin
or religion
or next of kin.

Let them
Reject & expel disunity
and “hate".
and dividing of our origin
or faith.

What ever the reason,
let my body be a testimony to
our cycle of life.
Attesting to the very fact
we are all one.

A mixture of a soup
of all creatures on earth.
Mixed with human cells.
amazing interconnectedness.

So let my physical death,
My physical burial,
be a celebration of life.
A revolting act of unity
A return
symbolizing us.
Living within each other!


Poetry 2

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