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Soothing Love & Peace-spreading Poetry & Illuminating & Inspiring Quotes

Man Praying Inspirational Quote

Destroyed “I”

By: Ashraf

The energy is expanding inside,

again& again.

Twirling like a tornado,


removing it all.

The debris


floating in the air,

falling on the ground,

leaving destruction behind.

All that is left

is my drained physical being.



Why you feel free to get in



destroying my house of being

the “I”

the tranquility within

& leave.

No permission asked.

Yet feeling the longing,

I ask for more.

Even while you revamp my

body &soul,

my entire being,

the awareness of your force of


lets me know

that in love

there is no ego.

No you or me,

But we.

So stay.

Be mine(yours?)

Let us built

tranquility within

with you &I

as one,

as “we”

dancing to the foolishness of our infinite imagination.

For ever.

Submit to the power of we!


Human being.
By Ashraf

Published 01.12.2018
Humans are so simple
When Love is the rule
Everything look Soooo beautiful
very lovely and very cool
Our energy expend
Our molecules dance
Our energy pass through the space
Like a gentle caressing hurricane
Only to leave behind
As it’s imprint

Hate on the other hand
Is sooooo oppressive
Frustratingly exhaustingly
Our energy flinch
Turning inward
Leaving sorrow, malady and pain
All as its deep foot print

Humans are so simple
Yet so complex
In a oxymoronic conceptual concept
Left many so perplex

 Why not allow our simplicity to thrive
Choose love
Eagerly with pride
Allow our energy
Pass through all the walls
Obstacles & dungeons of hate &confines
Finding causes for war


Why not Let love touch our heart
Occupy our being and our minds
A master key to peace
for this life
And eternal
Choose love as our destiny
Our perfection
Accept it without any resistance
Or hesitation 

Love all, as your brethren Quran says
Love one another, bible stresses
love is our religion as Buddha declares
Let peace & love
Be our ultimate destination
Be our earthy place
& where our souls nestles


I Am You      By Ashraf

Once upon a time

I was full of ego

and the pride that comes with it.
Until I met you.
Falling in love,
the fire of love
burned down my house of ego.
It crumbled in,
freeing my soul.
Now all that's left
is my longing soul,
submitting to you
the way slaves would to their masters.

All I see is love.
In love there is no ego.
There is no you or me
No separation, but we.
The fire of love freed my soul--
Now I am in you!
I am YOU!


By: Attar

Intoxicated by the Wine of Love.
From each a mystic silence Love demands.
What do all seek so earnestly? ‘Tis Love.
What do they whisper to each other? Love.
Love is the subject of their inmost thoughts.
In Love no longer ‘thou’ and ‘I’ exist,
For Self has passed away in the Beloved.
Now will I draw aside the veil from Love,
And in the temple of mine inmost soul,
Behold the Friend; Incomparable Love.
He who would know the secret of both worlds,
Will find the secret of them both, is Love.

-Farid ud Din Attar – translation Margaret Smith –



Let Us Not Worry

By: Omar Khayyam

O friend, for the morrow let us not worry
This moment we have now, let us not hurry
When our time comes, we shall not tarry
With seven thousand-year-olds, our burden carry.


Let LOVE Rise Again

By: Ashraf

It was Saturday the 22nd
At the Washington mall
Roads full of women, 
Men, kids with  pride
Pride for being part of  history
Pride for being among the crowd

The ground was shaking 
Under their feet
The air echoed their voices
Mixed with music and noises

The energy was palpable
The air electrifyingly expandable 
Gently moving through the cloud
Spreading the energy throughout

London seemed cloudy 
But warm with the crowd
From Antarctica to Flint
Denver to Melbourne
Chicago to Boston
Buenos Aires to New Delhi

Across the seven seas
The crowd kept marching  
Walking in unity 
holding each others' hands
It was as though they were signing the same song:

Let the hope rise forever and ever again
Over the ashes of
The wars of aggression
Tolerated with utter disdain 
Wars of "mine is mine"
Ignoring the world
With bullying and force 

The crowd sings in a melodic voice
Let the hope rise forever and ever again
Over the corpses of innocents
Iraqis, Syrians, Palestinians, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland

All Whose mothers...lovers...wives 
Lost in tragedies in vain
Their bodies buried deep in the dusty sand
Ordered by madmen
To kill & destroy 
without fear, committing crimes & horrific sins

Let the hope rise forever and ever again
Over the heartless heart of those
Who claim to believe in one God
Yet..."HATE" others
for praying
And taking a different path
To the same destination.

It was almost as though 
one could hear them sing
In one voice
Let the hope rise forever and ever again
Justice  for all

Let LOVE connect us all
In this temporary body of ours
There is a fire
Fueled with LOVE
Let this fire of  LOVE
Light our path
To peace...dignity...and equality for all!

To all with LOVE - Ashraf!

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