Page UpDate 04.29.2017

Besides a regular appoinment, Ashraf offers a free 15 minute initial consultion. Please call (616)-777-0608 (8:30-5 M-F) or e-mail us via our "Contact Us" page and tell us your availability. Make sure to state the reason for your appointment. We will call to schedule your appointment.

After you have scheduled your appointment, we will email you all forms that need to be completed depending on your needs. Some of these forms can be seen in the link below. You can then email/fax all of the required forms or bring them on the day of the appointment. 

Services Include…

Auto Immune diseases( 80-100 diseases )
Hypertension (stress related)
Preventive Cardiology (by Counseling and modification in life style)
Sleep disorders
Pain (Using mind & body approaches)
Cancer (increasing tolerance to side effects of chemo and radiation therapy and assisting during these difficult times with mind-body approaches.)
FDA approved Fisher Wallace simulator for insomnia, anxiety, and depression

Stress Management 
…and much more! 

If you have any questions, feel free to call us or email us via our "Contact Us" page.

See you soon!


Initial Consultation (1 hour):  $240 (Please pay at the time of service)

Follow up Video-Conference Skype Consultation (About 1 hour): $95 (has to be paid online)

Follow-Up in Person Consultation (1 hour): $125 (can be paid at the office or online)

Follow-Up Phone Consultation (1 hour): $60 (has to be paid online before the appointment) 

View Forms Prior to A Visit

To view some of the forms that need to be completed prior to a visit, please click here. These forms will be sent to you in document form after an appoinment is scheduled.